A Spring Day in April

A beautiful Spring Day.  Yogurt and granola for breakfast.  Yesterday I set up a 4th hive awaiting the arrival of the nuc from Jim Talada which I learned today is arriving this Tuesday.  I also found the queen (she has a blue dot) in the first hive which is struggling a bit, but there was some brood and it looks positive.  I have now visually found two of the three queens and two of the hives seem to be very active. Mowed the garden and the orchard.

This morning, I hung the replacement Tibetan Prayer Flags and used my knot guide book to learn a couple new knots! And the tulips I planted last year look beautiful.  Picked up 50 new fir seedlings yesterday from the 4H Club and was hoping to plant them today but it didn’t work out.  I was also hoping to spray the apple trees but the breeze was too strong and they are in blossom and the spray is toxic to bees (so why do i have it?).  Good question.  I am thinking this over a bit more.  The spray is also toxic to fish.

Tom Brennan came over as I picked him up in Washington’s Crossing.  We Got the two bottom plow on the tractor and we cut two new fence rails from some old red cedar logs that I had cut down years ago.  We also got the big rock upright again in the garden after some struggle.  Thank God he came over or the rock would still be horizontal.

Life is good and I expect to get a very good nights sleep!

The Orchard 04-24-16