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First Snow

It's forecasted to snow tomorrow and it's quite cold. I have set 6 posts for the new paddock in the back field and I am grateful that although it's cold that the ground was still not frozen so that digging the post holes wasn't too difficult. I called Barney, partly in jest and partly in truth, to see if he wanted to join me with the post setting. He respectfully declined and told me I was crazy to be working out in the cold at this time of year.

I like working in the cold as long as I am bundled up and have my favorite ski cap on. The work went well and I have spaced the posts 11 feet apart. I intend to run the fence through a portion of the woods and use the posts that have been set by some earlier owner. These posts have been in ground for 20+ years but are still in quite good shape. I will clean out and burn the underbrush from this section of the woods and this will give the sheep more space to roam.

Ah, winter, beautiful winter!

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