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God is good. All the time. – All the time. God is good.

I have a short memory. Watched the movie “God is Not Dead” last evening with Sabrina. Actually, she didn’t watch the whole movie and went to bed. It had a good message even if it was a bit overstated at times.

Today I hung the TV bracket at Megan’s house and they (Dan and Megan) spread three bags of topsoil around the back patio.

I also read a lot, ate two Klondike bars, pizza, Lucky Charms, and potato chips. Perhaps I should be more mindful of my diet?  Perhaps?  Okay – tomorrow is a new day.  

I think I may move this blog to Google to see if I get any feedback. But really, am I really interested in feedback or just blubbering about my life. Going to bed. Good idea.


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