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Memorial Day Weekend

Working hard on the orchard. The trees have never looked better and it would appear that we will be getting some apples! Staying on the holistic approach as detailed by Michael Phillips. Spraying with “Surround” and picking off the apple leaf midge pests today. Mowed the garden and the orchard and got chased by the bees!

Duck house just about ready to be moved into the orchard! Ordering ducks in the next few weeks. Looking to plow the back field this weekend as well.

Wishing Megan were here to enjoy this. I miss her. Must keep moving forward.

I am so very sad this memorial day weekend.  Megan is gone.  My good friend Patrick is very ill and in a home and having extreme difficulty. Relationship is over. My job is more difficult. I am getting older and slower. It’s rainy. I could go on but I think it may be just grief weighing me down as Brian recently suggested. Not sure where my life is going or where it ought to go. I am going to reach out for more help this week. Something has to change and I think it is me.

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