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Never looked so beautiful

What a lovely weekend!  Friday – worked from home.  Jim Talada stopped by in the morning to look at the Bees with me.  All four hives seem to be doing well.  Hive closest to the road has some very nice very light honey!  Saturday, Tom stopped over and we had an excellent breakfast at the Frenchtown Cafe.  We then went to an auction where I purchased five (yes, 5) hand scythes for $2.00!  In the afternoon Becki arrived with Reghan and Declan and took photos and I took them for a ride on the golf cart.

I spent Sunday morning chatting with Andrew and then Sabrina arrived about 10:30.  We went to Frenchtown and had yet another wonderful breakfast at the Frenchtown Cafe!  We did some shopping and then came back home.

I plowed the back field and it was way better than my first attempt!  We had excellent grilled cheese and tomato sandwiches and fresh corn on the cob!  What a wonderful life and Two Fish Farm never looked so beautiful!  I am so blessed!

Hand Sythe

Reghan, Declan, and Me 07-25-15


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