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Now 4 hives!

Purchased a new queen on Friday July 10, 2015 as when I checked the middle hive last week there was no brood. Was all set to install her on Friday night and, much to my surprise, found lots of brood.  Still could not find the queen but she must be there!  Got up early on Saturday and took 4 frames of brood (2 from each of the other two hives) and started a fourth hive.  Checked this morning and the queen is still in her cage but is getting a lot of attention.  Fed 2:1 sugar syrup this morning.

Also fired up the 1945 Ford 2N and did some brush-hogging in the back field and then took out the John Deere and tried to plow.  The initial results are pictured below.  I need to learn a thing or two (or three) about plowing but it’s a start!

Plowing 07-12-15


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