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Permaculture and Fruit Tree Grafting

This month I am finishing an internationally recognized permaculture design course and will receive my certification. The lead instructor for the course was Adam Dusen who has led permaculture projects across five continents in a wide range of different climates. Other permaculture instructors included Michael Green, and Sara Wuerstle from Guilda Permaculture. The student body included 19 individuals and, in short, was incredible. I am hoping to apply many of the principles and concepts to the work here at Two Fish Farm and will keep you posted on progress (and setbacks!). Being in a classroom setting for 8 hours at a stretch brought back memories of my high school days!

I also completed an excellent fruit tree grafting workshop held at the Landis Valley Museum in Lancaster, Pa. I grafted 2 Pear (Magness & Seckel) and 2 Apple (Arkansas Black & Harrison Cider) varieties. It was most difficult deciding which varieties to choose! Hopefully the grafts will take nd I will have 4 new trees for the orchard. The instructor, Nils, was a wealth of information and was patient with our efforts. And I didn't cut my fingers!

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