Sad but starting again.

It snowed today and I missed Megan a lot.  She passed on October 12, 2016 and it’s been a real loss. Saddest day of my life. When I brought this farm and built this house she was an integral part of it all.  She helped design the house and was on-site during the construction. I always intended to pass it on to her and then she could pass it on to her children.

Apparently, the universe had other plans.

So, I have decided to keep going with this place. I will attempt to make it a peaceful and bright place that reflects the “best daughter a dad ever had”. Megan would have wanted that. I thought about selling it all and moving away but it doesn’t seem right.

I ordered some seeds from Bakers Creek, some new trees, and will be starting a mushroom patch in the woods.  I will be selling the John Deere and keeping the 1945 Ford 2N as THE farm tractor.

I will walk this place and find my hope on the ground under my feet.  Two Fish Farm is more than a place. It’s a dream to be realized.

Beginning Again.  Love ya, kid!