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Still a Farmer wannabe

Tilled Field 06-30-16

Got home from work and decided to get the back field roto-tilled thanks to Dan Dannehower’s loan of his 3-point hitch rototiller that he delivered yesterday. I had plowed the field a few weeks ago and with all the dry weather, it was ripe for the rototiller. Got it all finished before it got dark! And I was covered in dust and dirt but it felt great and the field looks great.  Now I have to pick up some cover crop seed and sow it!  Maybe I will actually have a few head of cattle out there someday!

Keeping the dream alive!

There is something about laying down in the dirt trying to get all the grass and debris that gets tangled on the tines off. The smell of the earth is a thing of beauty!

Tomorrow, I will add 10 new honey frames across all four hives as the bees have been very productive thus far. I have two different kinds of bees now, 3 hives with Italian bees and 1 hive with Carniolan bees. I will also harvest the garlic this weekend and set it out in the barn to dry. I am so glad to have taken a vacation day so I can have a four-day weekend!

My life is good and the people I love are all doing what is best for them and enjoying themselves. I will get a good nights sleep and I can’t wait for tomorrow

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