A Spiritually Useful Moment

“We abandon the belief that there is a more spiritually useful moment than the one we are in. To possess the unequivocal resolve not to move away from where we are is essential.”

How to do this when “paying attention” to a discussion of network routing issues, being a “farmer”, being in a relationship with a beautiful lady, being a dad, and trying to get rid of self.  There is a key to unravel all these knots.  It is the same key.  It is meditation.

“It is not about welding or forcing things together but relaxing, observing, and allowing what is already here to be together. We do not need a new reality; we need a re-framing of the reality we are in. How we perceive reality is the problem, not reality itself. We see what we fear might happen or what we desire to happen in place of what is happening.”

In front of the door and behind the door is the same place.  The vertical NOW.