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Dad's Statue of the BVM

Sprayed Apple trees again this morning as it was supposed to rain all day yesterday but didn’t. Got up early enough and the morning was perfect.  They are looking the best they have in years but not a whole lot of apples as of yet.

Released new marked queen in middle hive.  She had been in her cage since Wednesday, 6/17 and still had not gotten out.  Hopefully she will bring the hive to life!  Will ask Jim Talada to visit this week and give me his opinion on the hive health.

Placed “Our Lady of the Orchard” in the Apple Orchard.  My Dad had given the statue to my brother, Dave over 25 years ago and he had it in the attic. I had it in the corner of the living room for at least 15 years. Finally painted it and, for Father’s Day, I placed it in the orchard. I am certain that Dad is smiling down on it. It may also bring more blessings to the orchard.  You never know.

Our Lady of the Orchard


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