Corkscrew Willow Trees

Corkscrew Willow Trees

Strong, well rooted Corkscrew Willow trees for sale! Beautiful to behold and hardy trees. Excellent candidate for your property especially for those wetter spots. 

  • Corkscrew Willow

    The corkscrew willow tree (Salix matsudana) is also known as the curly willow. The tree is often 30 feet tall, while some reach up to 40 feet. Its broad crown displays drooping twisted branches.


    It's part of the willow tree family and is often grown for its attractive fall foliage color, fast growing habit, and unique branching structure.


    It earned its name thanks to its unique branching habit. As the tree grows, its branches reach out horizontally and then twist this way and that, creating curls or corkscrews.


    Farm Pickup Only.  Various size trees available.