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Our Team.

We are one, or two, or more workers on any given day! I do a good bit of the work myself but I am blessed with good friends and a fine neighbor (Tucker) who help when I need it or they just wish to spend time outside doing some physical work.


Many of the original house design and farm ideas came from my daughter, Megan, and her presence can be felt everywhere. She assisted in many of the early plantings.

Today, I couldn’t keep this farm working without the help of my lovely niece, Becki Glavin! She is a gem and is sometimes assisted by her husband, Denis and her two darling children, Reghan and Declan.

Becki has a green thumb, enjoys bee-keeping (as does Reghan) and has an affinity for animals that they can sense and respond to.

As the farm expands, we will be looking to add seasonal help. Stay tuned! 

Me at Dillys.jpg

Philip E. Timm

Founder and Farmer

Pink Sugar
Megan in Boat.jpeg

Megan I. Timm

Co-Founder and Inspiration

Becki and Timmy.jpg

Becki Glavin

Chief Assistant



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