Fresh Garlic! - July 2022

Fresh Garlic! - July 2022

"A nickel will get you on the subway, but garlic will get you a seat."                            - Yiddish proverb


Garlic - spice up your food, improve your health and keep the werewolves away! Looking for a good way to put two bulbs in a single box. FOr now, we are asking $1.00 a bulb plus shipping.

  • Garlic!

    "Garlic's health benefits have been touted throughout history, and it's been credited as a plague-beating, infection-fighting, fat-melting, parasite-killing, cholesterol-lowering, cancer-preventing, and strength-building. And that's just a partial list!"


    "The first known mention of garlic's medical properties is in the world's oldest medical text, a papyrus from ancient Egypt known as the Ebers Papyrus." 


    Our seed garlic is sourced from the Filaree Farm in North Central Washington State and has been a family owned grower and supplier of premium quality organic garlic seed since 1977. We also save cloves each year for fall planting. 


    We grow both hard neck and soft neck varities.


    Quotes from "Garlic - An Edible Biography" by Robin Cherry


    It's best to pick up the garlic if you're in the Frenchtown, NJ area, but we do ship it!