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Beginning Again

“Beginning Again” was an excellent book about people and nature given to me as a gift from my good friend, Ron Freed. Once again, I start the new year with a attitude of “beginning again” on Two Fish Farm. A year where I will fence in the orchard and add some animals to the property (chickens or sheep). Started the year with another viewing of Eat, Pray. Love. Got three great quotes from the movie this time.

  1. The Sweetness of Doing Nothing

  2. God dwells within you as you!

  3. God is not interested in watching a performance about how a spiritual person looks and behaves!

Also placed first book / video order for the year! 

  1. “A Very Small Farm” – William Paul Winchester; Paperback; $11.43

  2. “Green Mountain Farm” – Elliott Merrick; Paperback; $10.17

  3. “The Dirty Life: On Farming, Food, and Love” – Kristin Kimball; Hardcover; $16.50

  4. “Monster in a Box: The Movie” – Spalding Gray; DVD; $13.49

Enough for now as I am at work and it is time for lunch at Whole Foods. Maybe this year I may go out on a date or two? Ya never know.


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