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Spring Chores

Picked up three nucs from Worcester Honey Farms in Lansdale, Pa. on Wednesday, April 20th. I was surprised when I got there to find that I had to help load the nucs myself and was glad to have thought to bring my bee suit! When I got home, I loaded them in the hives, two hives in the back orchard and one in front orchard. It was a good bit of work but I was glad to get it finished in one day. The next day I finished planting the last of the three new Paw-Paw seedlings I purchased from Adam. Prepared the ground by sheet mulching for each tree and putting up some good wire mesh around each tree.

Followed this up by transplanting two of the six English Walnuts in the back field. I had planted them too close together and in 10-20 years this would have been a problem. Also did the same sheet mulching and strong cages around the newly transplanted trees. At some point this spring, I will go back and do the same for the four remaining Walnuts.

Checked on the Ramp patches and it's looking good! Three different locations and ramps are up in all of them. Still needs a few more years but we are on the way.

Coming home last night, stumbled upon a kit of four foxes on the road outside my driveway, playing and running about. Cute enough, but these are the fellows who eat my ducks and chickens. Live and let live at this point.

And..............I received my Permaculture Design Certification

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