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Beginning Again – Rainy Season

I was looking to find a new Journal App that would make recording my activities easier but I realize that the issue is not the app but in taking the time to make daily notes of what I have been doing.  So, let’s see if I can finish this 2018 year with daily entries.

Started the day by going to Rosade Bonsai Studio in New Hope looking for a new Bonsai.  I was there yesterday and fell in love with a few classics that ranged in price from $1,800 to $3,500. I was “this close” to getting one but “good sense prevailed” and instead had a nice chat with Chase about Bonsai in general and I offered to help him if he needs me.

Then visited Tommy Flagg’s neighbors who are looking to add a few hives to their property. Wonderful people and a beautiful home. Great conversation and I hope to see them again soon. Will send them some useful links about natural beekeeping.

I have four hives and checked them today. One is dead and the other three have active bees in them. The one closest to the road has an ant problem. Did not go into the hive as it was already a long day but I did put mouse guards on. I will go into them more deeply this week, weather permitting, and feed them if needs be and insulate the hives as well.

Planted 5 Japanese Red Maple seedling in small jars after soaking them for 24 hours. they are on the heat mat and should sprout in about 30 days.  These will be used for Bonsai plants.

Jim Talada came over and we continued to work on the 12 volt Ford 2N conversion which is getting very frustrating (picture below). Installed new wiring harness and new electronic ignition but no spark. Now looking to replace the coil and, if needs be, drag Tucker into the solution.

Received heater for greenhouse (picture below). Tucker will install new 220 line for the heater and we will get water linked up this coming spring.

Lots to catch up on having been away from this blog for so long but I intend to keep at it. Turned down the buyout package from Verizon even though it was very attractive. I will stay working just one more year and then retire with the objective, God willing, to spend the rest of my days at Two Fish Farm growing things and just enjoying each day, not that I can’t do that now!

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