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Can I be a farmer, really?

Ok – ten years on and still struggling to “be” a farmer.  It’s not just a state of mind – you actually have to work at it. So I am recommitting myself to the process. A little over 10 acres – About an acre of pond that is fished by local folks regularly, especially neighborhood kids who like to boast about who caught the biggest fish! 

Proud Kyle from up the road!

A small apple apple orchard that desperately needs to be fenced in as the deer eat everything I’ve got! Last price for fencing was quoted at $5,000! I started to do it myself and have set about 14 posts at nine-feet high but I want it done once and right. If I get a good bonus come spring, that’s the first project. 

This weekend (10/30-31/10) I continued to work on clearing the back field of about 2 acres. I want to fence this in and put in a few head of Belted Galloways. The field has sat unused for 8 years or more and I finally brush-hogged it a month or so ago. Now I am cutting down the nuisance trees (mostly russian olive) and burning them. Singed my eyebrows this weekend when the wind suddenly shifted!  You gotta be careful!


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