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Dear God: Bless them. Change me.

Another good weekend at home.  I love being at home and “working” about the farm.  I will have to make a plan to ensure that I can stay here when I retire and this means revisiting my spending, savings, support, and contributions behavior.  Ben was very instructive on that point and for that, I am most grateful!

Megan and Dan came over and worked a bit on Friday as I had taken the day off.  Dan did a nice job of putting down stone on the path through the woods and the spot he did looks the best (see below).  He seems a natural with the front end loader.  Megan took a shot at it as well but scared herself when the tractor almost tipped (bucket was too high).  I did the same thing on Saturday – very scary.  It looks like 2 of the 3 drainage pipes that Jim and I placed are good but the one closest to the back yard is too high and may have to be dug up and reset.  Not an option I am looking forward to.

Jim Ward, the mason, stopped by on Saturday and will be giving me a quote to fix the front steps.

I caught another groundhog and relocated him to Pennsylvania.  Then I stopped at the Stockton Farmers market and got all the makings for a fresh summer salad!  I returned home and pruned and weeded the apple trees (avoided using Roundup even though it was a lot harder and it was hot out).  Then I sprayed all the tree and watered the trees on trellis.

Had a very good chat with Ben, who provided me with my new mantra for August.

Dear God: Bless them. Change me.

Sat by the fire and got used to the sound of that.

Dan's path 07-31-15
Campfire 08-02-15


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