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Earth Day – 2017

Saturday, cool and slight rain. Have 4 fruit tress to plant. Liberty Apple on EMLA 111 and Red Jonaprince Apple on Bud-9.  Got these two planted in the orchard and I followed the planting directions as well as I could.  Also planted two Rainier Cherry trees in the garden with the bees.  That was a lot of work!

Went to Quaker service on Sunday morning. It is a beautiful day. Had a good cry in the morning as I am missing Megan a lot these days. Stopped by and saw Dan and delivered the Dilly Bars, it’s always good to see him. Becki and Denis and the kids came over in the afternoon and we fed the bees, road the golf-cart and had a cookout!  I am still a little sad but feeling rather blessed as well!

God give me the strength to keep going.  Amen.

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