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Fall Harvet - 2021

Peppers - The red ones are Ghost Peppers and after trying one, I wonder why anyone would grow these, hottest pepper ever!

Pumpkins - which I did not plant, but grew out of the compost pile! Huge.

Kiefer pears - Although I prefer Bartlett Pears, these are tasty with a white flesh and coarse texture. It's a hybrid between a European and Chinese Sand Pear.

English Walnuts - best crop in 4-5 years- a total of 9 - in another 5 years, I can open a roadside Walnut Stand! Six new trees in back orchard entering their third year but not yet producing.

And, 52 pounds of honey from 4 bee hives and thousands of busy bees.

"There are far better things ahead than any we leave behind." - C. S. Lewis


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