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Shallots and sadness

It was a beautiful day. Started with a nice breakfast with Dan and Sharon in Doylestown. Stopped at the grocery store and picked up the remaining ingredients for Chicken Chowder, which turned out great!

Got home and planted shallots in the garden area recently cleaned by Becki. She is doing such a great job helping with the garden and flower beds. I planted French Grey shallots closest to the house and the Dutch Red shallots just beside them. They will be ready for harvest late spring or early summer 2018.

Going to pick up some garlic as well this week and new garden gloves!

Despite all the beauty and planting, there is a stream of sadness that lies just below the surface. I miss Megan so much and wish I could share these sort of days with her (or any day for that matter). Anyway, I will keep moving forward and continue to build my life as best I can and be as positive and helpful to everyone I meet.

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