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Spring, 2017

First warm day of Spring today.  Yesterday, I drove to Wilkes Barre, Pa. and picked up two packages of Carniolan Bees, four hours round trip.  Great breakfast at Denny’s restaurant.  Becki came over with Reghan and Declan and the new dog “Frankie” in the afternoon and helped me load them into the two hives.  Becki got stung 3 or 4 times as she wasn’t wearing the proper pants!  We had dinner at Casa Maria’s to finish off the day.

Today was beautiful.  Sprayed the trees with Neem Oil, Fish Emulsion, and Fertrell Liquid Foliar mix. Really soaked them as suggested in the Holistic Orchard manual by Michael Phillips. Tucker then hooked up the outside shower and we are good for the season. The Ramps are popping up in the woods and the bees have a lot of activity.  I also turned on the pond aerator after cleaning out the mouse nest inside. I hung the new Tibetan Prayer Flags in the Orchard and worked on the roof for the duck house and then Mike stopped by for a good chat and coffee and dropped off 3 2×4’s that I needed. I called it a day and sat down to read.

I miss Megan. Talked with Patty about the pain of loss.  I want to live and do more with my life but without Megan it’s a lot harder to dream of what I should do. I want direction but the only direction I seem to get is to do what is right in front of me.  I guess that’s how it works.  We shall see.  Time to sleep and dream.


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