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Working the Orchard

Twenty-three apple trees were removed due to girdling by the sheep and insect damage. Four new trees (listed below) planted, all on semi-dwarf rootstock (EMLA 111). The chickens were no help at all with the work; they did, however, feast on the worms.

  1. Glockenspiel Apple

  2. Ashmead's Kernel Apple

  3. White Limbertwig Apple

  4. Morgenduft Apple

Six additional apple trees yet to arrive. This will greatly reduce the workload and hopefully produce a better crop of apples.

Some scion wood was saved for my first attempts at fruit tree grafting which is scheduled for later this month (March, 2022). The remaining pruned branches and the old apple trees will be chipped up and combined with a small amount of wood ash and peat moss later this summer, and then morel mushroom spawn/spores will be mixed in. And presto, in a few years, we may have some morels to harvest!

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